Our Services

Our Services

Property Management

Many foreigners buy land but do not build or live on it until some point in the future. In most cases, it is a good idea to have someone watch over your property while you are absent. We offer this service for our clients along with property cleaning (chopping), building and maintenance of fences, landscaping, house construction, building permits, road maintenance, water systems, electricity etc. We can also make sure your land taxes are paid, keep your corporate records up to date and do payroll for workers.

Home Construction

CARIBE SUR Real Estate can recommend several local architects and home construction teams to help you build your Project. You may wish to bring in your own architect – but in Costa Rica, the law states that any building plans must be approved and signed by a liscensed Costa Rican architect.

Road Construction

Most of our properties already have road access, but some do not. If you need to build a road, allow us to set you up in the right direction. We will help you acquire permits, and work with you and the contractors to make sure that you get the best quality work and advice on road building.

Water Systems

In the CARIBE SUR region, most properties close to Puerto Viejo and near the main road have municipal water. Other ‘inland’ and refuge properties depend on well / rain water. If your property does not have a working well or municipal water, you should determine if there is a potential spring BEFORE you purchase the property. We work with local Indians who can ‘sense’ where a water source is. Once a spring is found, we can recommend several local contactors to dig your well.

Electrical Hook-Up

Everyone needs electricity. Although there are alternative options such as solar and wind power, most residents take advantage of the new powerlines brought into the region several years ago. Bringing electricity to your land is relatively easy, but you should inquire about the options before you purchase your land. Make sure to ask your agent about the feasibility and costs of bringing power.

If you are seriously interested in buying property, it would be helpful to know more about your needs as far as size and type of land i.e. next to the ocean or in the mountains. Also, give us an idea of your budget and if you want to build a vacation home, do some farming or something commercial like tourism.

References and additional information are available upon request.