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Where’s the ultimate tropical destination wedding?

Where's the ultimate tropical destination wedding?

Home to beautiful caribbean waters, pristine beaches and jungle settings, the unmatchable Caribe Sur coast of Costa Rica makes it unlike any other Caribbean wedding or honeymoon choice. The whole coast is relatively untouched compared to the rest of the caribbean and it gives the wedding party an insight and chance to see real life rather than simply experiencing the glitzy generic side of 5 star type accommodations that most Caribbean Islands and many more mainstream destinations offer.

“Costa Rica’s┬áCaribe Sur provides a remarkable retreat for couples seeking a boutique-type and unique romantic escape.”

I know as a boutique real estate shop, we come across lots people looking to tie the knot, or couples that are sharing their love for Puerto Viejo and the surrounding area by searching for a place to call home (or a second home) down here, and nothing makes me happier to see people who love it as much as we do, and want to celebrate their most precious day here.

What better place than Costa Rica’s Caribe Sur!


One problem that lots of couples face when opting for a destination wedding is being able to bring all their friends and families with them. The cost for the couple and the guests can be astronomical and can mean some people might not be able to attend (Sometimes this might be a good thing, depending on how well you get on with your partner’s friends or distant relatives, so if that’s the case, then please ignore this paragraph haha) – Both flights (Cost & Time) as well as hotel accommodation are a factor to consider.

Costa Rica is a relatively short and easy flight from many USA locations and there are very regular flights with many carriers – so lots of options there. Flights are very reasonably priced, and Costa Rica is on the same time zone as part of the USA and only 1 to 2 hours difference with the east/west coast depending on the time of year, so no jetlag and easy communication with home and work for those that can’t be away from their phones/wifi!

There’s is even a short connecting flight from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, down to Limon which is a short ride from Puerto Viejo. Although, I highly recommend the drive down here for visitors as it is a journey through Jurassic Park-like terrain with some incredible views and activities like white water rafting as an option for those more active guests!DSC_4745-680x1024

Once here, It is not 5 star resort accommodation as most destination weddings are. Actually, there isn’t even one ‘resort’ in the entire area as far as I know. There is a great and ever growing choice of incredible boutique hotels to cater to all budgets – The couple can stay in the most special of all, while the guests may┬ástay in either neighboring hotels or homes (or hostels if they really are distant relatives)

This instantly opens up the wedding to a lot more potential and allows you to hopefully make it that much more unique and memorable!

Wedding location once you’re here?

Think beach, think hidden bay, think jungle, think atop a bluff – Let your imagination run wild. So much potential for creativity.

The food?

DSC_4245You are in for a treat. It certainly isn’t the resort type buffets that are freely available, so if that’s what you’re looking for, then this place probably isn’t for you. But, if you are into organic, home-made, hand-made, tropical fruit, healthy, naughty (i’ll get on to the chocolate treats in a bit), fresh, fish and fusion type cuisine and food, then the Caribe Sur has you covered.

Activities for the group are limitless as well, whether they’re into surfing, diving, swimming, walking on the beach collecting shells, atv rides, jungle tours, sloth tours and even chocolate tours.

The area around Puerto Viejo is famous for it’s cacao and chocolate making. There are a number of tours you can go in to learn about it (You’ll learn that chocolate is actually good for you! As if you needed any other excuse!) CariBeans is a great place to check out. Imagine having chocolate made specially and fresh for your wedding!

Our friends at Koki Beach Bar and Restaurant, which is an excellent location is one of our favorite spots to be. The owners have done an incredible job in creating an environment that just oozes costa rican caribbean vibes and luxury. They also have the added attraction every so often of a sloth that pops down to say hi to the diners. Always a surprise, and a great memory, as if the food and cocktails, staff and design aren’t enough.

These are just a few options and thoughts, as there are so many different spots and things to do to really give you that unique wedding that we all want. Costa Rica’s Caribe Sur is one option out of a million, so i’m just putting it out there…It’s a pretty cool spot, and it really is unique in a very special way that just keeps visitors coming back.